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Effect of soil salinity on artichoke (Cynara cardunculus [L.] subsp. scolymus Hayek)

Cantore, V., Boari, F., Bianchimano, V., Bianco, V.V.
Acta horticulturae 2004 no.660 pp. 311-316
Cynara cardunculus, adventitious shoots, artichokes, atrophy, leaves, salinity, salt tolerance, soil salinity
Results of a field research to study soil salinity effects on artichoke (cv. Catanese) are reported. Salinity decreased leaves number, plant height, number and basal thickness of offshoots, mean weight and number of heads. Threshold and slope values confirm literature's indications that classify artichoke among the species moderately salt tolerant. Threshold, slope and ECe50 values for heads yield in weight were 3.9 dS m(-1), 8.5% m dS(-1) and 9.9 dS m(-1), respectively; for the number of heads, a higher tolerance was observed with threshold value of 5.2 dS m(-1), a slope of 8.5% m dS(-1) and an ECe(50) of 11.1 dS m(-1). For the shoot dry mass it was observed a threshold value (3.8 dS (m-1)) slightly lower, a slope value much lower (5.9 % m dS(-1) ) and, consequently, an higher ECe50 (12.3 dS( m-1)) than that referred for heads yield in weight. Furthermore salinity increased heads dry matter and caused heads atrophy.