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LMSD: LIPID MAPS structure database

Sud, Manish, Fahy, Eoin, Cotter, Dawn, Brown, Alex, Dennis, Edward A., Glass, Christopher K., Merrill, Alfred H. Jr., Murphy, Robert C., Raetz, Christian R.H., Russell, David W., Subramaniam, Shankar
Nucleic acids research 2007 v.35 no.suppl_1 pp. D527
common names, databases, lipids, nucleic acids
The LIPID MAPS Structure Database (LMSD) is a relational database encompassing structures and annotations of biologically relevant lipids. Structures of lipids in the database come from four sources: (i) LIPID MAPS Consortium's core laboratories and partners; (ii) lipids identified by LIPID MAPS experiments; (iii) computationally generated structures for appropriate lipid classes; (iv) biologically relevant lipids manually curated from LIPID BANK, LIPIDAT and other public sources. All the lipid structures in LMSD are drawn in a consistent fashion. In addition to a classification-based retrieval of lipids, users can search LMSD using either text-based or structure-based search options. The text-based search implementation supports data retrieval by any combination of these data fields: LIPID MAPS ID, systematic or common name, mass, formula, category, main class, and subclass data fields. The structure-based search, in conjunction with optional data fields, provides the capability to perform a substructure search or exact match for the structure drawn by the user. Search results, in addition to structure and annotations, also include relevant links to external databases. The LMSD is publicly available at