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Database resources of the National Center for Biotechnology Information

Wheeler, David L., Barrett, Tanya, Benson, Dennis A., Bryant, Stephen H., Canese, Kathi, Chetvernin, Vyacheslav, Church, Deanna M., DiCuccio, Michael, Edgar, Ron, Federhen, Scott, Geer, Lewis Y., Helmberg, Wolfgang, Kapustin, Yuri, Kenton, David L., Khovayko, Oleg, Lipman, David J., Madden, Thomas L., Maglott, Donna R., Ostell, James, Pruitt, Kim D., Schuler, Gregory D., Schriml, Lynn M., Sequeira, Edwin, Sherry, Stephen T., Sirotkin, Karl, Souvorov, Alexandre, Starchenko, Grigory, Suzek, Tugba O., Tatusov, Roman, Tatusova, Tatiana A., Wagner, Lukas, Yaschenko, Eugene
Nucleic acids research 2006 v.34 pp. D173
Human immunodeficiency virus 1, Internet, Mendelian inheritance, National Center for Biotechnology Information, chromosomes, data collection, databases, gene expression, genes, genotyping, humans, molecular models, nucleic acids, nucleotide sequences, polymerase chain reaction, taxonomy
In addition to maintaining the GenBank(R) nucleic acid sequence database, the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) provides analysis and retrieval resources for the data in GenBank and other biological data made available through NCBI's Web site. NCBI resources include Entrez, the Entrez Programming Utilities, MyNCBI, PubMed, PubMed Central, Entrez Gene, the NCBI Taxonomy Browser, BLAST, BLAST Link (BLink), Electronic PCR, OrfFinder, Spidey, Splign, RefSeq, UniGene, HomoloGene, ProtEST, dbMHC, dbSNP, Cancer Chromosomes, Entrez Genomes and related tools, the Map Viewer, Model Maker, Evidence Viewer, Clusters of Orthologous Groups, Retroviral Genotyping Tools, HIV-1, Human Protein Interaction Database, SAGEmap, Gene Expression Omnibus, Entrez Probe, GENSAT, Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man, Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals, the Molecular Modeling Database, the Conserved Domain Database, the Conserved Domain Architecture Retrieval Tool and the PubChem suite of small molecule databases. Augmenting many of the Web applications are custom implementations of the BLAST program optimized to search specialized datasets. All of the resources can be accessed through the NCBI home page at: