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Wheat Storage Proteins in Transgenic Rice Endosperm

Oszvald, Mária, Balázs, Gábor, Pólya, Sára, Tömösközi, Sándor, Appels, Rudi, Békés, Ferenc, Tamás, László
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2013 v.61 no.31 pp. 7606-7614
dough, endosperm, functional properties, mixing, molecular weight, protein disulfide-isomerase, protein synthesis, rheological properties, rice, rice flour, storage proteins, wheat
Transgenic rice seed expressing wheat HMW glutenin subunit was characterized to study the effects of the wheat prolamin on the protein expression pattern and protein size distribution in the endosperm and the functional and rheological properties of the rice flour and dough. Significant differences were found in the protein expression pattern between the transgenic and wild type samples. Comparing the protein expression profiles of transgenic and nontransgenic plants, combined with proteomic-based studies, indicated increased protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) levels in the transgenic rice lines. The accurate molecular size of HMW-GS in rice endosperm was identified by MALDI-TOF-MS analysis. The expressed wheat HMW (subunit 1Dx5) GS showed a positive effect on the functional properties of rice dough by significantly increasing the size distribution of the polymeric protein fraction and modifying the dough mixing parameters.