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Tomato yield and fruit characteristics in relation to basal leaf removal

Leonardi, C., Giuffrida, F., Seiglitano, V.
Acta horticulturae 2004 no.659 pp. 411-416
air, canopy, cherries, cherry tomatoes, climatic factors, fruit yield, humidity, leaves, ripening, surface area
The objectives of basal leaf removal in tomato are different and may be ascribable to the increase the radiation at the fruit level in the winter months and reduce the air humidity near the canopy and fruit. However, there are also indications that would appear to attest to negative effects on the dry matter produced and transferred to the fruit and the rate of fruit ripening. The purpose of this study was to define the effects on “cherry” tomatoes of the more or less drastic reduction of the leaf surface area by the removal of basal leaves during two growing cycles marked by contrasting climatic conditions. The results demonstrate that basal leaf removal of cherry tomato plants determines slightly negative effects on some qualitative characteristics of the fruit, however, they did not show appreciable effects on fructification timing or produce characteristics.