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Ornamental use of Pfaffia glomerata (Spreng.) Pedersen

Beckmann-Cavalcante, M.Z., Amaral, G.C., Silva, A.A., Lima, M.P.D., Cavalcante, I.H.L.
Acta horticulturae 2013 no.1000 pp. 59-62
Pfaffia glomerata, agribusiness, floriculture, genetic resources, new products, research projects, Brazil
Occurring spontaneously in Brazil and widely distributed in Northeastern Brazil, Pfaffia glomerata (Spreng.) Pedersen specie from Amaranthaceae family has been seen without commercial value. P. glomerata has morphological characteristics that allow its use in floriculture, mainly in floral art, one of the segments with the higher demand for new products. It is important to consider the need for recovery and conservation of genetic resources and the possibility of promoting the local floriculture through the cultivation of different species. In this sense, this work had the objective to characterize and evaluate the ornamental potential of P. glomerata, through descriptive analysis of its aesthetic attributes, verifying its use as floral complement. The characterization followed the methodology proposed by Stumpf et al. (2007), which scores 0, 5 or 10 for characteristics of interest in floral art and for the consumer market. The scores attributed for the ornamental characteristics were above 70 points, indicating a high ornamental potential and showing suitability for use in floral arrangements. However, research projects on propagation, cultivation system and management are essential for the inclusion of P. glomerata in Floriculture agribusiness.