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Evaluations for effectiveness of calcium chloride treatment on the postharvest quality of strawberry

Wan Mahfuzah, W.I., Zulkifli, M.S., Latifah, M.N., Fauziah, O.
Acta horticulturae 2013 no.1012 pp. 515-520
calcium, calcium chloride, color, containers, dipping, firmness, fruits, fungi, pH, polypropylenes, postharvest treatment, sensory evaluation, storage quality, storage time, strawberries, taste, total soluble solids, weight loss
Effectiveness of calcium chloride (1, 2 and 3%) treatments on the postharvest quality of strawberry fruits was evaluated during storage at 10°C. Dipping time in calcium chloride solutions were fixed for 1 min. Undipped fruits were treated as a control. Fruit were dripped dry before packing by using clip on lid round polypropylene containers (50 mm in diameter). Evaluation of physical changes (weight loss, colour and firmness), chemical changes (total soluble solid (TSS) and pH) sensory evaluation and overall appearance were conducted on day 0, 3, 8 and 12 days of storage. Strawberry fruits treated with 1% calcium chloride exhibit lower weight loss (0.123%) as compared to fruits treated with 2% (0.17%) and 3% (0.5%) at the end of storage period. Fruits treated with 1% calcium chloride maintained the firmness with score 2 with deep red colour development was more obvious as compared to the other fruits (2 and 3% calcium treated and control fruits) as observed on day 8 and 12. No significant fungus infection was observed to the treated and the control fruits throughout the 12 days storage at 10°C. All fruits still can be eaten after 12 days storage with better taste acceptance was noted to the 1% treated fruits. No significant changes in the pH and TSS values throughout the 12 days storage period as noted both to the control and treated fruits.