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Registration of Four Pima Cotton Germplasm Lines Having Good Levels of Fusarium Wilt Race 4 Resistance with Moderate Yields and Good Fibers

Ulloa, M., Percy, R., Zhang, Jinfa, Hutmacher, R. B., Wright, S. D., Davis, R. M.
Journal of plant registrations 2009 v.3 no.2 pp. 198
Gossypium barbadense, cotton, germplasm, germplasm releases, crop yield, plant genetic resources, Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum, plant pathogenic fungi, Fusarium wilt, disease resistance, genetic resistance, agronomic traits, New Mexico
Four Pima cotton (L.) germplasm lines, SJ-07P-FR01 (Reg. No. GP-910, PI 654065), SJ-07P-FR02 (Reg. No. GP-911, PI 654066), SJ-07P-FR03 (Reg. No. GP-912, PI 654067), and SJ-07P-FR04 (Reg. No. GP-913, PI 654068), were developed by the USDA–ARS and New Mexico State University Agricultural Experiment Station and jointly released with the University of California in 2008. The primary purpose for these releases is to provide germplasm with good levels of resistance to Fusarium wilt [ f. sp. Atk. Sny & Hans] (FOV) race 4 to cotton breeders in California. Lines SJ-07P-FR01 to -FR03 originated from a cross made at New Mexico State University in 1997 of germplasm lines 8810 and NMSI 1601. The germplasm line SJ-07P-FR04 originated from reselection within the publicly released USDA–ARS germplasm line P 73. The lines were evaluated for resistance to race 4 in two field and three greenhouse trials conducted in 2003 and 2005. Five replicated field evaluations for yield potential, fiber characteristics, and other agronomic traits were conducted at Five Points, CA, Shafter, CA, and Maricopa, AZ, in 2005 and 2006. The SJ-07P-FR series possesses good resistance, moderate lint yield potential, and good to superior fiber length and strength. Caution should be applied when using these lines, and it should not be assumed that the lines provide complete resistance against FOV race 4.