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Nest trees, habitat and breeding biology of the spotted owlet Athene brama brama (Temminck, 1821) in human habitation and agricultural landscape of India

Ali, Abdul Hameed Mohamed Samsoor, Santhanakrishnan, Ramachandran
Zoology and ecology 2015 v.25 no.3 pp. 211-219
Athene, agricultural land, breeding, breeding season, breeding sites, clutch size, developmental stages, eggs, fledglings, habitats, hatching, humans, nestlings, nests, trees, India
This study examined nest tree, habitat characteristics and breeding biology of the spotted owlet Athene brama brama in two habitats, viz. human habitation (HH) and agricultural landscape (AL). From 2008 to 2009, 27 spotted owlet nests (15 in HH and 12 in AL) were observed in Madurai district of southern India. We found that most tree characteristics were significantly different between habitats. The percentage availability of various habitats in a 1-km radius from nest trees varied significantly between HH and AL. The breeding season for spotted owlets started in early January and continued until the end of April. Variations in (a) clutch size, (b) egg dimensions, (c) incubation period, (d) hatching success, (e) brood size, (f) fledgling success, (g) fledgling rate, and (h) breeding success of spotted owlets were observed between HH and AL. We provide photographic documentation of developmental stages of the nestlings.