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A new genus and species from the North Atlantic, Archestenogramma profundum (Phyllophoraceae, Rhodophyta), with taxonomic resolution of the orphaned Leptofauchea brasiliensis

Schneider, Craig W., Chengsupanimit, Tayoot, Saunders, Gary W.
European journal of phycology 2011 v.46 no.4 pp. 442-452
Leptofauchea, Phyllophoraceae, new genus, phylogeny, Bermuda, Brazil
A recent collection of a red alga from Bermuda showed great similarities to Leptofauchea brasiliensis from Brazil, providing the impetus for a morphological and anatomical evaluation of the two. Based on these studies, the two appear to be congeneric. Molecular phylogenetic analyses of the Bermudian plants showed them to be to be a new genus and species of the Phyllophoraceae (Gigartinales), Archestenogramma profundum C.W. Schneider, Chengsupanimit & G.W. Saunders. In light of our anatomical observations, our phylogenetic results also proved instructive as to the disposition of L. brasiliensis, a species that was suggested to be incorrectly assigned to the Rhodymeniales for over a quarter of a century and even recently excluded from Leptofauchea. The morphological and anatomical similarity of L. brasiliensis to A. profundum suggested its movement from the Faucheaceae to a new taxonomic placement in the Phyllophoraceae, as A. brasiliense (A.B. Joly) C.W. Schneider, Chengsupanimit & G.W. Saunders, comb. nov.