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Development of a global flood risk index based on natural and socio-economic factors

Okazawa, Yuko, Yeh, Pat J.-F., Kanae, Shinjiro, Oki, Taikan
Hydrological sciences journal 2011 v.56 no.5 pp. 789-804
equations, floods, psychosocial factors, risk, socioeconomic factors
A global flood risk index (FRI) is established, based on both natural and social factors. The advanced flood risk index (AFRI) is the expectation of damage in the case of a single flood occurrence, estimated by a linear regression-based approach as a function of hazard and vulnerability metrics. The resulting equations are used to predict potential flood damage given gridded global data for independent variables. It is new in the aspect that it targets floods by units of events, instead of a long-term trend. Moreover, the value of the AFRI is that it can express relative potential flood risk with the process of flood damage occurrence considered. The significance of this study is that not only the hazard parameters which contribute directly to flood occurrence, but vulnerability parameters which reflect the conditions of the region where flood occurred, including its residential and social characteristics, were shown quantitatively to affect flood damage.