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Genus Pimelea (Thymelaeaceae) in New Zealand 5. The taxonomic treatment of five endemic species with both adaxial and abaxial leaf hair

Burrows, Colin J
New Zealand journal of botany 2011 v.49 no.3 pp. 367-412
Pimelea, flora, hills, hybrids, indigenous species, leaves, mountains, new genus, new species, shrubs, New Zealand
New Zealand Pimelea species with hair cover on both adaxial and abaxial leaf surfaces include three established taxa that are redescribed and, where necessary, typified. Pimelea sericeovillosa is a cushion plant (three subspecies sericeovillosa, pulvinaris and alta). Pimelea aridula, with two subspecies (aridula and oliga) and Pimelea concinna are medium-sized, erect shrubs. All live inland in the South Island mountains. Pimelea barbata is a scarce, procumbent new species (two subspecies barbata and omoia) and Pimelea mimosa is a rare procumbent to decumbent new species that may be extinct in the wild. Both are from hill country in the eastern North Island. Hybrids and conservation needs are considered. An identification key is presented for all hairy-leaved Pimelea species in New Zealand. Relationships with the Australian Pimelea flora are discussed, including evidence for Late Tertiary migration of the genus to New Zealand.