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Additions to the Lejeuneaceae flora of New Zealand: new species from the Kermadec Islands and range extensions of New Zealand species into the South Pacific

Renner, MAM, de Lange, PJ
New Zealand journal of botany 2011 v.49 no.3 pp. 421-433
flora, islands, new species, Cook Islands, New Zealand
Cheilolejeunea trifaria is recorded for New Zealand from two locations: Raoul Island in the Kermadec Islands group and Pitt Island (Rangiauria) within the Chatham Islands Group, the latter representing the world southern limit for this species. Thysananthus spathulistipus and Lejeunea exilis are also recorded for New Zealand; both having their only known occurrences within the New Zealand Botanical Region on the Kermadec Islands. Stenolejeunea acuminata is transferred to Lejeuneaas L. hawaikiana nom. nov. This species (previously regarded as a New Zealand endemic) is, along with Lejeunea schusterii, newly recorded from the Kermadec Islands and Cook Islands groups. Lejeunea schusterii, a validly published name for Rectolejeunea denudata, is recognized here to reflect the increasingly supported view that most Rectolejeunea species are better accommodated within Lejeunea. Lejeunea schusterii (as Rectolejeunea denudata) had previously been regarded as a New Zealand endemic.