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Practical method for the rapid screening of xanthine oxidase inhibitors in herbal extracts by high‐performance liquid chromatography based on on‐line precolumn enzymatic reaction

Zhou, Chun‐Hua, Li, De‐Qiang, Xiao, Yuan‐Yuan, Yang, Xiu‐Ling, Zhang, Zhi‐Qing
Journal of separation science 2015 v.38 no.13 pp. 2267-2271
Epimedium, Oriental traditional medicine, absorption, allopurinol, enzymatic reactions, enzyme inhibition, high performance liquid chromatography, inhibitory concentration 50, rapid methods, screening, uric acid, xanthine oxidase
A high‐performance liquid chromatography method with on‐line precolumn enzymatic reaction for the screening of xanthine oxidase inhibitors in natural extracts was developed. In this method, the enzymatic reaction occurred at the capillary inlet during a predetermined waiting period, after which the reaction product, uric acid, was separated and detected by liquid chromatography using ultraviolet absorption at 295 nm. Enzyme inhibition can be read out directly from the reduced peak area of uric acid in comparison to a reference chromatogram obtained in the absence of any inhibitor. In the present study, the availability of on‐line precolumn enzymatic reaction with ultraviolet detection was firstly evaluated by determining the inhibitory mechanism and IC₅₀ values of allopurinol, a commercially available positive drug. Then, the newly developed method was applied to screening of ten natural extracts from traditional Chinese medicine and as a result, the extract of Epimedium sagittatum (Sieb. et Zucc.) Maxim was found to be most positive for xanthine oxidase inhibition. The results obtained were compared with those obtained by offline enzyme assay and the effectiveness of the present method was confirmed. A rapid, low‐cost, and fully automated method for xanthine oxidase inhibitor screening was proposed.