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Access to Natural Resources on Private Property: Factors Beyond Right of Entry

Ginger, Clare, Emery, Marla R., Baumflek, Michelle J., Putnam, David E.
Society & natural resources 2012 v.25 no.7 pp. 700-715
American Indians, forests, landowners, managers, nontimber forest products, private lands, private ownership, property rights, Maine
Discussions of access to natural resources on private lands in the United States often focus on property rights and ownership. In Maine, changing ownership of private forestland has been associated with increased posting against trespass. This raises concerns about the terms of physical entry to land for resource use. While the right of entry is an important component of access to natural resources, other factors also affect access. Building on a theory proposed by Ribot and Peluso (2003), this study of nontimber forest product gatherers and forest landowners/managers in northern Maine examines social and biophysical factors that affect access to natural resources. We consider who is affected by these factors, and suggest ways forward to promote more equitable access to nontimber forest products, especially for Native Americans in the region.