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Participatory Action Research in Agroecology: Building Local Organic Food Networks in Spain

Gloria I. Guzmán, Daniel López, Lara Román, Antonio M. Alonso
Agroecology and sustainable food systems 2013 v.37 no.1 pp. 127-146
agroecology, case studies, environmental impact, farming systems, food supply chain, organic foods, photosynthetically active radiation, technological change, Spain
The serious problems of agrarian unsustainability cannot be solved through technological changes that lessen environmental impacts. Although technological change is important, it is also necessary to change the agri-food system as a whole. Participatory action research (PAR) is a methodological approach to collaborate with local communities. It enables us to advance in the restructuring of physical flows, economies, and information that support local farming, as a means to achieve greater autonomy and self-management. This article presents several case studies in Spain in which PAR has been applied to build local organic food networks. These are characterized by a more sustainable use of local resources and the development of short food supply chains.