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Solitary bee emergence box

Kemp, William P., Trostle, Glen E., Pitts-Singer, Theresa L.
United States Department of Agriculture patents 2009 no.US 7,556,552 B1
pollinating insects, Apoidea, apiculture, beekeeping equipment, heating systems, patents, USDA, United States
Incubation and emergence of solitary-nesting pollinating bees from their nests or cocoons under field conditions may be effected using a device including a first outer and second inner hollow containers wherein a nest containing the bees may be disposed, and first and second communicating openings are provided on the lower surfaces of the containers to provide access to the environment from the nest in the inner container. To allow egress of bees from the nests to the environment while inhibiting or preventing their return, a one-way exit is provided in communication with the second opening, which is also attached to or extends through the first opening. Controlled heating of the nests are effected by disposing a heating element within the outer container, external of the inner container. A temperature controller for the heating element and an electrical power source for providing power thereto are also provided.