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Enhanced adsorption of phosphate by loading nanosized ferric oxyhydroxide on anion resin

Ren, Jing, Li, Nan, Zhao, Lin, Ren, Nanqi
Frontiers of environmental science & engineering 2014 v.8 no.4 pp. 531-538
adsorption, anions, models, pH, sorption isotherms, temperature, wastewater
Ferric oxyhydroxide loaded anion exchanger (FOAE) hybrid adsorbent was prepared by loading nanosized ferric oxyhydroxide (FO) on anion exchanger resin for the removal of phosphate from wastewater. TEM and XRD analysis confirmed the existence of FO on FOAE. After FO loading, the adsorption capacity of the hybrid adsorbent increased from 38.70 to 51.52 mg·g⁻¹. Adsorption processes for both FOAE and anion resin were better fit to the pseudo first order model. Batch adsorption experiments revealed that higher temperature (313K), higher initial phosphate concentration (50 mg·L⁻¹) and lower solution pH (pH value of 2) would be more propitious to phosphate adsorption. Competition effect of coexisting anions on phosphate removal can be concluded as sulfate>nitrate>chloride. Freundlich isotherm model can describe the adsorption of phosphate on FOAE more accurately, which indicated the heterogeneous adsorption occurred on the inner-surface of FOAE.