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Student‐Centered and Dynamic Interfaces that Enrich Technical Learning for Online Science Learners: A Review of the Literature

Killian, Susan A., Beck, Dennis E., O'Bryan, Corliss A., Jarvis, Nathan, Clausen, Edgar C., Crandall, Philip G.
Journal of food science education 2014 v.13 no.3 pp. 47-56
equipment, food science, human resources, learning, online courses, students, teachers, teams, technology
Communicating complex scientific and technical information presents a challenge for food science educators. The most efficient learning occurs when all senses are engaged, one reason that many educators believe that scientific principles are best taught with hands‐on laboratory experiences. Today there are many challenges to the continuation of these “wet labs” including the cost of building the labs as well as equipment, materials, and personnel to run them. Many current e‐learning technologies are based on 2‐dimensional delivery systems, and are often inadequate to provide a substitute for a laboratory exercise. However, recent advances in technology have evolved to more closely reflect the kinds of learning experiences that students typically have in a laboratory class. This review describes the role of these emerging technologies as teaching tools for educators, with the clear understanding that similar concepts can be utilized by management of technical teams in the work place.