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Natural products in crop protection

Dayan, Franck E., Cantrell, Charles L., Duke, Stephen O.
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 2009 v.17 no.12 pp. 4022
pest control, pesticides, food quality, pesticide law, insecticidal properties, weed control, organic production, United States
The tremendous increase in crop yields associated with the 'green' revolution has been possible in part by the discovery and utilization of chemicals for pest control. However, concerns over the potential impact of pesticides on human health and the environment has led to the introduction of new pesticide registration procedures, such as the Food Quality Protection Act in the United States. These new regulations have reduced the number of synthetic pesticides available in agriculture. Therefore, the current paradigm of relying almost exclusively on chemicals for pest control may need to be reconsidered. New pesticides, including natural product-based pesticides are being discovered and developed to replace the compounds lost due to the new registration requirements. This review covers the historical use of natural products in agricultural practices, the impact of natural products on the development of new pesticides, and the future prospects for natural products-based pest management.