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Structural geologic control with the limestone bedrock associated with piling problems using remote sensing and GIS: a modified geomorphological method

Elmahdy, Samy Ismail, Mansor, Shattri, Huat, Bujang B. K., Mahmod, Ahmed Rodzi
Environmental earth sciences 2012 v.66 no.8 pp. 2185-2195
algorithms, bedrock, engineering, geographic information systems, geophysics, karsts, limestone, remote sensing, surveys
Geotechnical engineering and unpredictable piling problems of highly urbanized areas underlain by intensive geological fracture zones require a better understanding of their spatial pattern and developments. Unlike traditional techniques which use geophysical survey and visual interpretation of optical satellite images, this study presents a modified approach to revealing the buried geological fractures in karst terrain, which incorporates Wood’s algorithm. The algorithm binary maps were modified by applying additional Soble filter with 10% threshold and equalization enhancement. These modifications have proven good discrimination for morphological linear and curvilinear derived from DEM. Results of the modified method were compared to the existing geological map and validated by conducting field observations. The analysis of the results and corresponding geological and topographical maps showed the effectiveness of the method to recognize the pattern of buried geological fractures. The results obtained demonstrated that maps of the modified method can be used as a reference map prior to any site investigation.