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Characteristics of the reproduction effectiveness of four Hungarian breeding lines of carp Cyprinus carpio (L.)

Brzuska, Elżbieta
Aquaculture international 2014 v.22 no.1 pp. 149-158
Cyprinus carpio, breeding, breeding lines, carp, eggs, equations, females, ovulation
The effectiveness of reproduction of four Hungarian breeding lines 7, 8, W, and 0 of carp Cyprinus carpio was investigated. The highest percentage of ovulating females after Ovopel stimulation of ovulation (1/5 + 1 pellet kg⁻¹ BW of females) was found in line 8 (100 %), in line 0, it was 86.21 %, and in lines 7 and W, the respective values were 73.68 and 76.47 %. It was noted that the breeding line significantly (P ≤ 0.05) determined the weight of the eggs (expressed in grams and percentage of female BW), the fertilization percentage, the percentage of living embryos after 24- and 36-h incubation, the total number of eggs, and the number of live embryos after 36-h incubation. The highest weight of eggs was obtained from females of line 7 (1,083.41 g) and line 8 (981.54 g), while the lowest weight was noted in the case of females of line W (804.94 g). The highest number of eggs was found in line 7 (722,300) and in line 8 (654,400). For these lines, the highest number of live embryos (36 h) was also found (624,400 and 622,200, respectively). Within each line investigated, the regression equations were derived in order to predict the weight of eggs (g), percentage of live embryos, and the number of live embryos after 36-h incubation.