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Soil Total Nitrogen and Natural 15Nitrogen in Response to Long-Term Fertilizer Management of a Maize–Wheat Cropping System in Northern China

Chen, Ruirui, Hu, Junli, Dittert, Klaus, Wang, Junhua, Zhang, Jiabao, Lin, Xiangui
Communications in soil science and plant analysis 2011 v.42 no.3 pp. 322-331
NPK fertilizers, ammonia, cropping systems, field experimentation, nitrogen content, nitrogen fertilizers, soil, China
The Fengqiu long-term field experiment was established to examine effects of organic manure and mineral fertilizers on soil total nitrogen (N) and natural ¹⁵N abundance. Fertilizer regimes include organic manure (OM), one-half N from organic manure plus one-half N from mineral N fertilizer (1/2OMN), mineral fertilizers [N–phosphorus (P)–potassium (K), NP, NK, PK], and a control. Organic manure (OM and 1/2OMN) significantly increased soil total N and δ¹⁵N, which was expected as a great amount of the N applied remained in soils. Mineral NPK fertilizer and mineral NP fertilizer significantly increased total N and slightly increaed δ¹⁵N. Phosphorus-deficient fertilization (NK) and N-deficient fertilization (PK) had no effect on soil total N. Significantly greater δ¹⁵N was observed in the NK treatment as compared to the control, suggesting that considerable N was lost by ammonia (NH₃) voltalization and denitrification in this P-deficiency fertilization regime.