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Seasonal Variation in Yield Fruit Quality and Nutritional Status of Greenhouse Tomato under Different Fertilization Management Plans

Kavvadias, V., Daggas, T., Paschalidis, C., Vavoulidou, E.
Communications in soil science and plant analysis 2012 v.43 no.1-2 pp. 197-208
NPK fertilizers, calcium, climatic factors, developmental stages, fruit quality, fruit yield, greenhouses, nutrient management, nutritional status, nutritive value, seasonal variation, soil, soil treatment, tomatoes, vegetative growth
A study was conducted in the region of Pella, Stavrodromi, northern Greece for two consecutive years. The work investigated the effect of various fertilization plans at various growth stages on the vegetative growth, yield, fruit quality, and nutritional status of a greenhouse semi-long-life tomato cv. Formula. It was found that the recommended fertilization plan [a combination of application of nitrogen–phosphorus–potassium (NPK) fertilizers until harvest] gave the greatest yields (104 and 137 t ha⁻¹ at years 1 and 2 of the experiment, respectively) when compared to other treatments [different combinations of N and calcium (Ca) applied to soil at weekly intervals until harvest]. Soil application of Ca at different weekly intervals until harvest had no substantial effect in greenhouse tomato. It was concluded that the recommended NPK fertilization in combination with application of K during harvest could be the basis for an effective nutrient management in greenhouse tomatoes established on areas with similar soil climatic conditions.