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Identification of SNPs within the sheep PROP1 gene and their effects on wool traits

Zeng, Xian-Cun, Chen, Han-Ying, Jia, Bin, Zhao, Zong-Sheng, Hui, Wen-Qiao, Wang, Zun-Bao, Du, Ying-Chun
Molecular biology reports 2011 v.38 no.4 pp. 2723-2728
sequence analysis, metabolism, marker-assisted selection, sheep, Merino, genotype, genes, genetic variation, wool, single nucleotide polymorphism
Regarding mutations of PROP1 (Prophet of POU1F1) gene significantly associating with combined pituitary hormone deficiency (CPHD) in human patients and animals, PROP1 gene is a novel important candidate gene for detecting genetic variation and growth, reproduction, metabolism traits selection and breeding. The aim of this study was to detect PROP1 gene mutation of the exon 1-3 and its association with wool traits in 345 Chinese Merino sheep. In this study, on the basis of PCR-SSCP and DNA sequencing methods, ten novel SNPs within the sheep PROP1 gene, namely, AY533708: g.45A > G resulting in Glu15Glu, g.1198A > G, g.1341G > C resulting in Arg63Ser, g.1389G > A resulting in Ala79Ala, g.1402C > T resulting in Leu84Leu, g.1424A > G resulting in Asn91Ser, g.1522C > T, g.1556A > T, g.1574T > C, g.2430C > G were reported. In addition, association analysis showed that three genotypes of P4 fragment were significantly associated with fiber diameter in the analyzed population (P = 0.044). These results strongly suggested that polymorphisms of the PROP1 gene could be a useful molecular marker for sheep breeding and genetics through marker-assisted selection (MAS).