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Antioxidant Potential of Rat Plasma by Administration of Freeze-Dried Jaboticaba Peel (Myrciaria jaboticaba Vell Berg

Leite, Alice V., Malta, Luciana G., Riccio, Maria Francesca, Eberlin, Marcos N., Pastore, Glaucia M., Marostica Junior, Mario Roberto
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2011 v.59 no.6 pp. 2277-2283
Plinia cauliflora, antioxidant activity, blood plasma, body weight, freeze drying, rats
The effect of the intake of freeze-dried jaboticaba peel powder on the antioxidant potential of rats’ blood plasma was investigated in two experiments. In the first, 35 male rats, divided into 5 groups, received 7 mg of anthocyanins/100 g of body weight, by gavage. The blood was withdrawn 0, 30, 60, and 120 min after gavage. The antioxidant capacity was evaluated in plasma by ORAC and TEAC. There was no significant difference in the plasmatic antioxidant potential among the groups. In the second experiment, 40 male rats were divided into 4 groups that consumed, respectively, 0, 1, 2, and 4% of freeze-dried jaboticaba peel powder added to their diet. An increase in the plasmatic antioxidant potential was observed for groups that received 1 and 2% of jaboticaba peel powder (1.7 times by TEAC method and 1.3 times by ORAC); however, the group that received 4% of the powder did not show antioxidant effects according to the methods used.