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Effect of variety and acid washing method on extraction yield and quality of sunflower head pectin

Sahari, Mohammad Ali, Akbarian M, Ali, Hamedi, Manuchehr
Food chemistry 2003 v.83 no.1 pp. 43-47
Helianthus annuus, galacturonic acid, hydrochloric acid, pectins, sodium, statistical analysis, washing
Sunflower samples, Helianthus annuus L., of three varieties, Armavirsky, Zaria and Record, were obtained from Iran. Samples were dried and ground by hammer mill to pass a 60-mesh size screen and stored until used. Insoluble pectins were extracted from the residue with 0.75% sodium hexametaphosphate solutions at 65 °C and pH of 5 for 20 min. Extraction yields of pectin from the head residues were 10.67, 11.53 and 10.93%, respectively. The data were analyzed by statistical analysis. Based on the quality, the Record variety was selected for its highest methoxyl, lowest ash and highest galacturonic acid content. Pectin was washed with HCl and HNO3 (0.1, 0.6 and 1.2 N) for 10, 20 and 30 min. Statistical analysis revealed that washing in 0.6 N HNO3 for 10 min yielded a good quality pectin.