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Behaviour of pigs of Slovenian local indigenous breed and modern hybrid fed with concentrate and hay

Zupan, M.
Acta agriculturæ Scandinavica 2011 v.61 no.4 pp. 210-217
body weight, feeding behavior, hay, hybrids, mastication, probability, swine
The aim of the study was to investigate the feeding behaviour differences between Krškopolje pig (KP) and a modern hybrid (MH) pig. The behaviour was recorded during concentrate and hay consumption after the body weight of pigs was 100 kg. Animals (N=24) were observed in a straw-bedded system in eight pens of three pigs. During concentrate consumption, feeding, drinking and displacement at the trough (when a pig changed a feeding place) were directly recorded. During hay consumption, hay chewing, resting, exploring, playing and synchronisation while hay chewing were scored. MH ate faster and drank less than KP; however, they changed their feeding places more often and showed a higher probability to chew hay (overall P<0.01). MH pigs tended to chew hay more synchronously than KP (P<0.10). The results show that concentrate and hay consumption habits vary between the Slovene KP and the MH pig.