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Remote sensing of coastal geomorphology to understand river migration in the Thengapatnam area, southern India

Bhaskar, Aparna S., Kumar, R. B. Binoj
International journal of remote sensing 2011 v.32 no.18 pp. 5287-5301
digital elevation models, digital images, remote sensing, rivers, sea level, surveys, Arabian Sea, India
The aim of this work is to study the geomorphic processes that control river migration in the Thengapatnam coastal tract bordering the Arabian Sea in the Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, southern India. Satellite image data were used to identify the geomorphic units. An attempt was made to interpret geological evidence indicative of migration of the Kuzhithura river channel. In addition, study was made of the geological evidence from the field indicative of entrenching of the channel, possibly as a result of relative uplift of the land or lowering of the mean sea level. Satellite images and information gathered from the field reveal that the river has migrated 1.5 km towards the south-east. Satellite images and Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) provide more information about the landforms that were missed out during the field survey.