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Application of extenics theory for evaluating effect degree of damaged mountains based on analytic hierarchy process

Zhang, Yongwei, Li, Shucai, Meng, Fanqi
Environmental earth sciences 2014 v.71 no.10 pp. 4463-4471
economics, models, mountains, planning
An evaluating method is proposed to investigate effect degree of seven damaged mountains of Jinan city, based on matter element model deduced from the theories of extenics. Using the effect degree classification and influencing factors on damaged mountains, the elements in classical and sectorized field are defined, whereby an extension-evaluating model is developed to evaluate the classification of effect degree of damaged mountains by the correlation function of matter elements and extension sets. The analytic hierarchy process methodology for calculating weight aggregation of evaluating factors is proposed. The evaluating results are thus obtained through such an evaluation. An exemplification is shown that the present method is effective and applicable to forecast the classification of effect degree of damaged mountains more accurately and scientifically, which lends the support for control planning for damaged mountains and a more reliable basis for taking economic and reasonable supporting/reinforcing measures.