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Anaerobic treatment of lignocellulosic material to co-produce methane and digested fiber for ethanol biorefining

MacLellan, James, Chen, Rui, Kraemer, Robert, Zhong, Yuan, Liu, Yan, Liao, Wei
Bioresource technology 2013 v.130 pp. 418-423
anaerobic digestion, biorefining, corn stover, digestion, energy, ethanol, ethanol production, feedstocks, fermentation, methane, pig manure, sugars
Five different ratios of corn stover to swine manure were investigated to evaluate the performance of anaerobic digestion and the quality of anaerobically digested fiber (AD fiber) as a feedstock for bioethanol production. The stover-to-manure ratio of 40:60 generated 364L biogas and 797g AD fiber per kg of dry raw feedstock daily. The AD fibers after digestion were pretreated and hydrolyzed to release sugars for ethanol fermentation. The stover-to-manure ratio of 40:60 was able to produce 152g methane and 50g ethanol per kg of dry raw feedstock. The net energy generated from the ratio 40:60 was 5.5MJkg−1 dry raw feed, which was an 18% increase on net energy output compared to the other ratios and proved to be most beneficial for a biorefinery.