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Semi-analytical solution for a slug test in partially penetrating wells including the effect of finite-thickness skin

Yeh, Hund-Der, Chen, Yen-Ju, Yang, Shaw-Yang
Hydrological processes 2008 v.22 no.18 pp. 3741-3748
aquifers, hydraulic conductivity, least squares, models, wells
This paper presents a new semi-analytical solution for a slug test in a well partially penetrating a confined aquifer, accounting for the skin effect. This solution is developed based on the solution for a constant-flux pumping test and a formula given by Peres and co-workers in 1989. The solution agrees with that of Cooper and co-workers and the KGS model when the well is fully penetrating. The present solution can be applied to simulate the temporal and spatial head distributions in both the skin and formation zones. It can also be used to demonstrate the influences of skin type or skin thickness on the well water level and to estimate the hydraulic parameters of the skin and formation zones using a least-squares approach. The results of this study indicate that the determination of hydraulic conductivity using a conventional slug-test data analysis that neglects the presence of a skin zone will give an incorrect result if the aquifer has a skin zone.