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A single sorbent for tetracycline enrichment and subsequent solid-matrix time-resolved luminescence

Liu, LinShu, Chen, Guoying, Fishman, Marshall L.
Analytica chimica acta 2005 v.528 no.2 pp. 261
tetracycline, adsorbents, silica gel, pectins, cellulose, paper, adsorption, extraction, europium, analytical chemistry, analytical methods, luminescence, spectroscopy
The aim of this study was to search for a sorbent that could act as an extraction phase and as a support for solid-matrix time-resolved luminescence (SMTRL). Four potential sorbents were investigated for this purpose using tetracycline (TC) as a model analyte. Sorbents prepared from C18 silica gel or calcium cross-linked pectin gel were able to extract TC from dilute solutions. Europium(III)-TC complex adsorbed on the surface of C18 generated the most intense TRL signal when measured at λex = 388 nm and λem = 615 nm. This method achieved a 1 ng/ml limit of detection (LOD) with a 100 μl sample solution in a repeated spotting mode. Hyphenation of sorbent extraction and SMTRL was demonstrated using C18. This method is suitable for screening of TC in foods or aqueous solutions and can be extended to other luminescent lanthanide-chelating analytes in physiological or environmental samples.