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Increment Kinetics of Acidity in French Bread and Critical Control Point Analysis During Baking and Storage

He, Yaqiang, Lu, Qian
International journal of food properties 2015 v.18 no.12 pp. 2614-2623
acidity, activation energy, antioxidants, baking, breads, critical control points, equations, fermentation, oils, temperature
This study analyzed the increment kinetics of acidity in French bread during baking and storage and discussed some critical control points based on the acidity of French bread. The reactions of acidity increments in baking and storage were first order reactions and the relationship between reaction rate and temperature fitted the Arrhenius equation. The activation energy of acidity increment during baking was 16.80 kJ/mol. Furthermore, by adding antioxidants, the activation energy of acidity increment in the storage increased from 14.50 to 19.25 kJ/mol. Antioxidants, such as 3-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyanisole, could be used to control the acidity increment in French bread. Finally, some critical control points in the production of French bread, which are important to the property of bread, include adjusting fermentation temperature, checking oil quality, adding appropriate amount of salt, and checking the cleanness of baking molds.