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Impacts of spray-drying conditions on the physicochemical properties of soy sauce powders using maltodextrin as auxiliary drying carrier

Wang, Wei, Dufour, Claire, Zhou, Weibiao
CyTA: journal of food 2015 v.13 no.4 pp. 548-555
air drying, air flow, air temperature, atomization, bulk density, cohesion, drying temperature, maltodextrins, particle size, physicochemical properties, powders, sodium chloride, soy sauce, spray drying
Naturally brewed soy sauce was spray-dried using a pilot-scale spray-dryer with two-fluid atomization nozzle. Maltodextrin (DE 10) was incorporated into liquid soy sauce as a drying aid, to form a uniform liquid of 40% w/v. The influence of spray-drying parameters including inlet drying air temperature, feed flow rate, and atomization air flow was examined. The product yield, bulk density, cohesiveness and particle size of the spray-dried powders were found to be influenced by the spray-drying conditions. Extremely cohesive soy sauce powders were obtained when the air-drying temperature reached 180°C and above. Moreover, surface NaCl concentration of the soy sauce powders was shown to have insufficient expression in comparison with that in bulk. Surface NaCl content was also found to increase with increasing drying temperature.