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Biodegradable foam tray from cassava starch blended with natural fiber and chitosan

Kaisangsri, Nattapon, Kerdchoechuen, Orapin, Laohakunjit, Natta
Industrial crops and products 2012 v.37 no.1 pp. 542-546
absorption, cassava, cassava starch, chitosan, color, foams, mixing, natural fibers, ovens, polystyrenes, starch, temperature, tensile strength, trays, water solubility
This work developed biodegradable foam trays from cassava starch blended with the natural polymers of fiber and chitosan. The kraft fiber at 0, 10, 20, 30 and 40% (w/w of starch) was mixed with cassava starch solution. Chitosan solution at 0, 2, 4 and 6% (w/v) was added into starch/fiber batter with 1:1. Hot mold baking was used to develop the cassava starch-based foam by using an oven machine with controlled temperature at 250°C for 5min. Results showed that foam produced from cassava starch with 30% kraft fiber and 4% chitosan had properties similar to polystyrene foam. Color as L*, a* and b* value of starch foam tray was slightly increased. Density, tensile strength and elongation of the starch-based foam were 0.14g/cm³, 944.40kPa and 2.43%, respectively, but water absorption index (WAI) and water solubility index (WSI) were greater than the polystyrene foam.