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Qualitative comparison of blackcurrant and blackcurrant—whey beverages

Jaworska, G., Sady, M., Grega, T., Bernaś, E., Pogoń, K.
Food science and technology international 2011 v.17 no.4 pp. 331-341
antioxidant activity, beverages, black currants, color, flavor, fructose, glucose, lactose, proteins, riboflavin, sensory evaluation, smell, storage time, sucrose, taste, thiamin, whey
This study provides a qualitative comparison of blackcurrant and blackcurrant—whey beverages over a 12-month storage period. The amount of extract in the beverages was established as 12%, of which 25% was blackcurrant concentrate. Acid whey was used for the production of blackcurrant—whey beverages. In comparison to blackcurrant—whey beverages, blackcurrant beverages contained significantly more glucose, fructose, sucrose, polyphenols and vitamins C and B₁. They also had a higher level of antioxidant activity against ABTS•⁺ and DPPH, with the difference ranging from 2% to 46%. On the other hand, blackcurrant—whey beverages contained more ash, proteins and vitamin B₂ and the presence of lactose was detected. They were also characterized by higher color parameter values evaluated according to the CIE system. A general sensory evaluation awarded blackcurrant beverages with 0.5—1.3 more points than blackcurrant—whey beverages. A descriptive flavor analysis found that blackcurrant taste dominated in both types of beverages; however, in blackcurrant—whey beverages, the taste and smell of whey were also discernible. Changes in the quality of the beverages were observed during the storage period, notably a decrease in their antioxidant properties.