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Evaluation of the effect of piroxicam and ascorbic acid combination on live weight and rectal temperature of savannah brown goats during post-operative pain management

Okafor, R.O.S., Remi-Adewunmi, B.D., Fadason, S.T., Ayo, J.O., Muhammed, S.M.
Journal of applied animal research 2015 v.43 no.4 pp. 439-444
ascorbic acid, body weight, castration, goats, lidocaine, monitoring, pain, penicillins, procaine, savannas, sedation, streptomycin, temperature, weighing devices, xylazine
The aim of the study was to evaluate effects of varied doses of ascorbic acid (AA) and piroxicam on live weight (LW) and rectal temperature (RT) responses in orchidectomised savannah brown goats during post-surgical pain management. The goats were divided into six groups of three goats each. Orchidectomy was performed on all animals under sedation with xylazine, and linear infiltration with lignocaine. Post-surgery, varied doses of piroxicam (IM) and AA (IV) were administered to the goats: Group A = piroxicam, 5 mg/kg + AA, 100 mg/kg; Group B = piroxicam, 5 mg/kg + AA, 200 mg/kg; Group C = piroxicam, 10 mg/kg + AA, 100 mg/kg; Group D = piroxicam, 5 mg/kg; Group E: AA, 100 mg/kg together with procaine penicillin, (20,000 IU/kg) + streptomycin (10 mg/kg) (IM); and Group F (control) received only the antibiotics. Post-surgery, RT was measured with the use of an auto-physiologic monitoring machine and LW with weighing scale. Goats in the control group showed decreased LW and RT increase. Treatment with a combination of piroxicam and AA ameliorated LW and temperature more than either of the agents in orchidectomised savannah brown goats.