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Transcriptional Regulation of Plant Secondary MetabolismF

Yang, Chang‐Qing, Fang, Xin, Wu, Xiu‐Ming, Mao, Ying‐Bo, Wang, Ling‐Jian, Chen, Xiao‐Ya
Journal of integrative plant biology 2012 v.54 no.10 pp. 703-712
biosynthesis, developmental stages, genes, promoter regions, secondary metabolites, transcription (genetics), transcription factors
Plant secondary metabolites play critical roles in plant‐environment interactions. They are synthesized in different organs or tissues at particular developmental stages, and in response to various environmental stimuli, both biotic and abiotic. Accordingly, corresponding genes are regulated at the transcriptional level by multiple transcription factors. Several families of transcription factors have been identified to participate in controlling the biosynthesis and accumulation of secondary metabolites. These regulators integrate internal (often developmental) and external signals, bind to corresponding cis‐elements — which are often in the promoter regions — to activate or repress the expression of enzyme‐coding genes, and some of them interact with other transcription factors to form a complex. In this review, we summarize recent research in these areas, with an emphasis on newly‐identified transcription factors and their functions in metabolism regulation. [Formula: see text] [ Xiao‐Ya Chen (Corresponding author)]