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The effects of immunological castration against GnRH with recombinant OL protein (Ovalbumin-LHRH-7) on carcass and meat quality characteristics, histological appearance of testes and pituitary gland in Kıvırcık male lambs

Gökdal, Özdal, Atay, Okan, Ülker, Hasan, Kayaardı, Semra, Kanter, Mehmet, DeAvila, Michael David, Reeves, John Jerry
Meat science 2010 v.86 no.3 pp. 692-698
animal performance, antibody formation, carcass quality, castration, gonadotropin-releasing hormone, immunization, lambs, meat quality, pastures, pituitary gland, rams, recombinant proteins, reproductive traits, testes, testosterone
The aims of the study were to investigate the effects of immunization against GnRH using OL protein (Ovalbumin-LHRH-7) on feedlot performance, carcass, meat quality and some reproductive traits in Kıvırcık ram lambs. Ram lambs in the immunization (I, n =7) group were immunized against GnRH using OL protein and boosted 2weeks later. Control (C, n =7) group was not treated. The animals were kept at pasture for 6weeks after the first immunization, subjected to a 70day fattening program, and then slaughtered. Growth performance, various carcass and meat quality characteristics were not affected from the immunization. GnRH immunization induced GnRH antibody production, suppressed testosterone production and testicular growth (P<0.01). Testicular structure was negatively affected from the immunization, but not pituitary. These results suggest that immunization against GnRH with OL could be an alternative castration technique in ram lambs without negatively affecting carcass and meat quality characteristics.