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Sensory properties of wild and aquacultured southern flounder (Paralichthys lethostigma)

Drake, S.L., Drake, M.A., Daniels, H.V., Yates, M.D.
Journal of sensory studies 2006 v.21 no.2 pp. 218-227
Paralichthys, consumer acceptance, flavor, flounder, freshwater, market value, markets, texture
There is considerable interest in the aquaculture of southern flounder, Paralichthys lethostigma, because of its worldwide market appeal, high market value and ability to grow in fresh or brackish water. This study was conducted to identify and define sensory properties of wild (WF), freshwater farm-raised (FFF) and saltwater farm-raised (SFF) southern flounder. In addition, consumer acceptance of these three sources of southern flounder was determined. A defined sensory lexicon for southern flounder (appearance, flavor, texture) was identified. Descriptive sensory differences were documented among the three types of flounder (P < 0.05). FFF flounder was differentiated by an earthy flavor. WF and SFF flounder were characterized by medicinal and fresh fish flavors, respectively. Consumer acceptance scores for SFF were significantly higher in all attributes compared with WF or FFF flounder (P < 0.05). Consumers preferred SFF > WF > FFF flounder (P < 0.05). SFF flounder may be a viable alternative to WF flounder.