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Effect of batter freezing conditions and resting time on cake quality

Gómez, Manuel, Ruiz, Elena, Oliete, Bonastre
Lebensmittel-Wissenschaft + [i.e. und] Technologie 2011 v.44 no.4 pp. 911-916
baking quality, batters, color, freezing, freezing point, hardness, microstructure, sponge cakes, storage time, temperature, texture, viscosity
The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of batter freezing and conditions and resting time before baking on quality of two kinds of cakes (layer and sponge cakes), including freezing temperature (−18 °C, −26 °C), storage time at sub-zero temperatures (30 and 100 days), and resting time (60 and 120 min). Characteristics of the batter (pH, density, viscosity, and microstructure) and cakes (density, texture, and colour) were analysed. Freezing process increases batter density and viscosity, and consequently decreases cake volume and height, but increases hardness. Cakes from frozen batters have a darker and more yellow crumb and lighter-coloured crust than cakes from non-frozen batters. Freezing process has a greater effect on batter and cake quality characteristics than storage/freezing conditions or resting time. In layer cakes, freezing mainly affected volume and colour, whilst in sponge cakes, there was a more marked effect on texture. Differences between the two kinds of cake could be related to a distinct internal structure. Resting time mainly affected batter characteristics, although there were no apparent differences in the quality of the cakes obtained.