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Display life of beef packaged with an antioxidant active film as a function of the concentration of oregano extract

Camo, Javier, Lorés, Alberto, Djenane, Djamel, Beltrán, José Antonio, Roncalés, Pedro
Meat science 2011 v.88 no.1 pp. 174-178
antioxidants, atmosphere, beef, color, discoloration, lighting, lipid peroxidation, oregano, oxidative stability, packaging, smell, steaks, thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances
Fresh beef steaks were packaged with a new antioxidant active system containing increasing concentrations (0.5, 1, 2 and 4%) of an oregano extract. Control samples were packaged without the active film. Additional samples were sprayed with the extract and packaged as the control samples. Packages were filled with a 80%O₂/20%CO₂ atmosphere and displayed under illumination (14h) at 1±1°C for 28days. Metmyoglobin formation, lipid oxidation (TBARS), instrumental colour (CIE a⁎) and sensory colour, discoloration, off-odour and oregano smell were determined. Active packaging significantly (P<0.05) enhanced oxidative stability of beef steaks, depending on the oregano concentration of the active film. The display life of beef samples demonstrated that at least 1% oregano was needed for obtaining a significant increase of display life from 14 to 23days. A concentration of 4% gave rise to unacceptable oregano smell. As a consequence, most suitable oregano extract concentrations for optimum active packaging in this system should be within the range 1–2%.