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Pathophysiology of white-tailed deer vaccinated with porcine zona pellucida immunocontraceptive

Curtis, P.D., Richmond, M.E., Miller, L.A., Quimby, F.W.
Vaccine 2007 v.25 no.23 pp. 4623
Odocoileus virginianus, pathophysiology, vaccination, swine, zona pellucida, immune response, contraception
White-tailed deer (n = 14 treated, n = 7 control) were examined postmortem to identify any possible pathophysiology resulting from PZP immunocontraception vaccination. Deer were treated twice in 1997; given a booster in 1998, with six being revaccinated in September 2000. Granulomas were found at injection sites of most deer, even 2 years post-treatment. Eosinophilic oophoritis occurred in 6 of 8 (75%) deer vaccinated in 1998, and 3 of 6 (50%) revaccinated in 2000. The 2000 revaccinates without oophoritis, had significantly fewer normal secondary follicles than control females (P = 0.03), and deer in the1998 treatment group (P = 0.04). PZP immunocontraceptive vaccine elicited ovarian pathologies in deer similar to those observed in other species.