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The Effect of Inulin as a Fat Replacement on Dough and Biscuit Properties

Krystyjan, Magdalena, Gumul, Dorota, Ziobro, Rafał, Sikora, Marek
Journal of food quality 2015 v.38 no.5 pp. 305-315
antioxidant activity, biscuits, dietary fiber, dough, dough quality, gels, hardness, inulin, polyphenols, sensory evaluation, sugar content, texture
This work aims to substitute inulin for (20–50%) fat in biscuits and to investigate how this manipulation would change the properties of dough and biscuits. The results showed that the inulin substitution for 20% fat did not worsen the sensory evaluation of biscuits and had the least influence on their texture. The decrease in fat and the increase in sugar content with simultaneous reduction in caloric value were noticed. The soluble dietary fiber increased compared with the control despite the fact that the polyphenol content and their activity decreased. Substitution of inulin for fat changed the rheological and textural properties of biscuit dough. PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: The study demonstrates that partial replacement of fat with inulin gel in biscuits allows decreasing their caloric value and enriches them with soluble dietary fiber. The observed changes in the physical properties of the dough and in the characteristics of the final products suggest that 20% substitution could be recommended for practical applications. Higher levels of fat replacement could lead to excessive hardness of biscuits and a significant reduction in the content of polyphenols and antioxidant activity.