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Identification of the most sensitive parameters in the activated sludge model implemented in BioWin software

Liwarska-Bizukojc, Ewa, Biernacki, Rafal
Bioresource technology 2010 v.101 no.19 pp. 7278-7285
activated sludge, biological treatment, computer software, models, phosphorus, stoichiometry, wastewater
In order to simulate biological wastewater treatment processes, data concerning wastewater and sludge composition, process kinetics and stoichiometry are required. Selection of the most sensitive parameters is an important step of model calibration. The aim of this work is to verify the predictability of the activated sludge model, which is implemented in BioWin software, and select its most influential kinetic and stoichiometric parameters with the help of sensitivity analysis approach. Two different measures of sensitivity are applied: the normalised sensitivity coefficient (S i,j) and the mean square sensitivity measure ([formula removed]). It occurs that 17 kinetic and stoichiometric parameters of the BioWin activated sludge (AS) model can be regarded as influential on the basis of S i,j calculations. Half of the influential parameters are associated with growth and decay of phosphorus accumulating organisms (PAOs). The identification of the set of the most sensitive parameters should support the users of this model and initiate the elaboration of determination procedures for the parameters, for which it has not been done yet.