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Ginkgolide B produced endophytic fungus (Fusarium oxysporum) isolated from Ginkgo biloba

Cui, Yuna, Yi, Dawei, Bai, Xiufeng, Sun, Baoshan, Zhao, Yuqing, Zhang, Yixuan
Fitoterapia 2012 v.83 no.5 pp. 913-920
Fusarium oxysporum, Ginkgo biloba, bark, endophytes, fermentation, fungi, high performance liquid chromatography, leaves, metabolites, screening
To screen the presence of ginkgolide B-producing endophytic fungi from the root bark of Ginkgo biloba, a total of 27 fungal isolates, belonging to 6 different genus, were isolated from the internal root bark of the plant Ginkgo biloba. The fungal isolates were fermented on solid media and their metabolites were analyzed by TLC. The obtained potential ginkgolides-producing fungus, the isolate SYP0056 which was identified as Fusarium oxysporum, was successively cultured in the liquid fermentation media, and its metabolite was analyzed by HPLC. The ginkgolide B was successfully isolated from the metabolite and identified by HPLC/ESI-MS and ¹³C-NMR. The current research provides a new method to produce ginkgolide B by fungal fermentation, which could overcome the natural resource limitation of isolating from the leaves and barks of the plant Ginkgo biloba.