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Simple, Rapid, and Selective Isolation of 2S Albumins from Allergenic Seeds and Nuts

Hummel, Marlene, Wigger, Tina, Hoper, Tessa, Westkamp, Imke, Brockmeyer, Jens
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2015 v.63 no.26 pp. 6035-6040
albumins, allergenicity, allergens, food matrix, laboratory equipment, nuts, pH, purification methods, seed storage proteins, seeds, temperature
The 2S albumins belong to the group of seed storage proteins present in different seeds and nuts. Due to their pronounced allergenic potential, which is often associated with severe allergic reactions, this protein family is of special interest in the field of allergen research. Here we present a simple, rapid, and selective method for the purification of 2S albumins directly from allergenic seeds and nuts. We systematically optimized the parameters “buffer system”, “extraction temperature”, “buffer molarity”, and “pH ” and were able to achieve 2S albumin purities of about 99% without further purification and demonstrate transferability of this method to nine different allergenic food matrices. Compared to conventional isolation routines, significant reduction of hands-on time and required laboratory equipment is achieved, but nonetheless higher protein yields are obtained. The presented method allows for the rapid purification of different 2S albumins including the corresponding isoforms from natural material.