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Combining ability of popcorn lines for seed quality and agronomic traits

Moterle, Lia Mara, de Lucca e Braccini, Alessandro, Scapim, Carlos Alberto, Pinto, Ronald José Barth, Gonçalves, Leandro Simões Azeredo, Rodrigues, Rosana, do Amaral Júnior, Antonio Teixeira
Euphytica 2012 v.185 no.3 pp. 337-347
agronomic traits, crossing, grain yield, hybrids, laboratory techniques, planting, popcorn, popping, seed quality, seeds, Brazil
Popcorn breeding programs in Brazil have emerged but despite some advances there is still a lack of material performance studies specially regard to seed quality, in different agricultural seasons. This research was carried out to estimate the popcorn combining ability from biparental crosses between eight tropical and one temperate lines in two agricultural seasons (2008 and 2009) with regard to eight traits related to seed quality, in addition to three agronomic traits related to popping expansion. Method 4, proposed by Griffing (Model 1), was used to verifying the importance of the dominance effect in the genetic control of the seed quality traits, favouring the identification of superior hybrids through seed tests in the laboratory with low cost. The lines from Zélia and CMS42 were promising in obtaining hybrids with superior seed quality and greater popping expansion. The hybrids Zélia × IAC-112, CMS42 × UEM M2-1, CMS43-1 × IAC-112 and UEM M2-2 × Zaeli expressed superior SCA for grain yield, popping expansion and at least two seed quality traits. These hybrids are materials of interest for cultivation in different planting seasons.