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Ear necrosis reduction in pigs after vaccination against PCV2

Pejsak, Z., Markowska-Daniel, I., Pomorska-Mól, M., Porowski, M., Kołacz, R.
Research in veterinary science 2011 v.91 no.1 pp. 125-128
ears, necrosis, piglets, sows, vaccination
The influence of sows vaccination against PCV2 on the prevalence of ear necrosis syndrome (ENS) reduction among weaners was analyzed using 12,931 piglets from 45 consecutive batches, born to both, vaccinated and non-vaccinated sows. The results were statistically tested with a nonparametric Kruskal–Wallis and Chi-square tests. The results show that vaccination against PCV2 significantly reduced the prevalence of ENS (p<0.05). The percentage of affected pigs born to vaccinated sows was about over two times lower than in both groups of pigs born to non-vaccinated females (before the vaccination implementation and after its withdrawing). Even more distinct were the differences in the intensity of the lesions (p<0.05). In the group of pigs born to vaccinated sows, the percentage of severe lesions was three times lower than in the pigs born to non-vaccinated sows. It conclusion, it could statement that vaccination against PCV2 might be effective in reduction of ENS.